Featured Instructors

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RJ Jones

Golf Instructor, Brand Ambassador
We love RJ!  RJ (TheGolfJones) is a certified swing coach and all around golf enthusiast.  With a love of golf going back to childhood and memories of fun times with his father, RJ is serious about helping you improve your game!

Dawn Sharp

Fitness, Dance, Gymnastics
Dawn is what the “E” bunny aspires to be!! She is a gymnast, a dancer, and a fitness professional like none other.  It starts with that smile that makes you work harder that you thought you would, but it is met with a fierce driving spirit of excellence and achievement.  Dawn focuses on you finding your personal best – and pushing you past that.

Heidi Walt

Yoga, Nutrition – Smyrna, DE
Heidi is awesome! What started as a personal journey became a passion.  Heidi believes everyone can do yoga, and its health benefits go beyond the physical. No matter your reason for starting yoga, or even if your just curious about yoga, Heidi wants to work with you.

Clif Joseph

Fitness Instructor, Brand Ambassador
Clif is the best of the best!  He was one of the first to join InhomeSports and has led the way.  He is a dynamic instructor that enjoys helping any and everyone reach their fitness goals.  Clif owns Fitness Essentials in New Jersey, and loves working 1-on-1 with his clients, really understanding their goals, and helping them reach every one!

Jeremy Belter

Jeremy is the consummate professional!  Jeremy specializes in Baby Boomers!  He has mastered the art of getting fit without over exhaustion and overly intense workouts.  Jeremy understands and respects that everyone wants to live a full life, and helps you get there by improving range of motion, healthy endurance, and more!

Zhada Ray

Fitness, Muy Thai Boxing

Who knew such a small person could pack such a punch!! Zhada or “Z” is a former professional in Muy Thai, but more she is committed to helping her clients achieve their goals.  Z does everything she can to help you get the most out of each session.  She will modify exercises based on your abilities – and she will research anything to help you better understand your goals and outcomes!

Your Time Matters

InhomeSports believes that you want to workout, but schedules don’t always align.  With your phone or device, you can book a session with a personal trainer – and workout today!


By offering LIVE 1-on-1 and small group fitness sessions, InhomeSports hopes to bring professional trainers to your living room, or basement, or gym, or along on your hike!

Advanced Technology

Today’s busy lifestyles require us to think “out of the box”.  Making your fitness schedule, fit your life schedule just makes sense!

Clear Communication

You can message your instructor in the app!  You can also save notes from your session allowing you to review them later.  This is great if you want to keep up your momentum between sessions!

Don't Be Shy. Get In Touch.

If you are interested in working together, send us an inquiry and we will get back to you as soon as we can!

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