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What is the cancellation policy for lessons?

Sometimes in life, conflicts happen. We understand this, however it is strongly encouraged that all cancellations or reschedules are made as early as possible and no later than 24 hours prior to the session's start time. If a cancellation occurs within 24 hours of your lesson a $5 cancellation fee will be issued.

Are group lessons available?

It is available based on the instructors preferences. Please be aware that you would be sharing your time and instructor’s attention.

How long is each lesson?

You can choose between 15-minute trial sessions, official 30 minute lessons, or even a full 60-minute lesson. **Note** Certain instructors may opt to give out free 15 minute trials, some may not. Trials are limited.

How many lessons do I pay for at a time?

At this time, one would pay for each lesson per an individual basis with a credit card. The payment handled directly from the Student to the Instructor via PayPal, upon the lessons completion. Package deals and other group purchases may be incorporated at a future date.

Is there a trial to see if I like this?

Yes, Certain instructors may opt to give out free 15 minute trials. Trials are limited.

What are the benefits of an online lesson?

Cost, convenience, and consistency. The price is typically less than an in person lesson with the same instructor. Convenience and ease- No issues with inclement weather, traffic, or traveling. You do not have to leave your home. Your lesson starts, when are where you decide, and when it is done you can move right on with your day!   Personalized instruction tailored to your game. Our platform is perfectly suited for learning and change. That is our goal. The level of communication and understanding is unmatched in regards to having the ability to maintain consistent and private one on one sessions with your instructor throughout the year.

How do I get started booking a lesson or choosing a teacher?

Easily! Check out instructors’ profiles on the App. If you have questions about the lessons or requests for certain times, you can send a message to the instructor. In order to see the Instructors’ schedules or to send them a message, you will need to be registered and signed in.

Does it cost money to register with InhomeSports?

No, It is absolutely FREE to register with IHS.

How do I coordinate my time zone to schedule through InhomeSport

You will not have to. Our App will do all the calculations on our end. You just put in what times work for you in your times zone. We will worry about the rest.

How is payment handled through InhomeSports?

Students can pay with any major credit card.

How much does it cost to take lessons on InhomeSports?

Cost varies from Instructor to Instructor based on one's own discretion. In general, lessons will be a fraction of the cost of an in person lesson. Through the IhS database you can seek the most appropriate instructor for your price-point. IhS offers the ability for one to sort through countless instructors and find the best match (regardless of location). The convenience of InhomeSports makes this possible.

What can I get instruction in?

At this time InhomeSports offers athletic training, fitness and golf instruction.

How do I pay my instructor on InhomeSports?

With any major credit/debit card.

How do I choose an instructor on InhomeSports?

We want to make choosing an instructor on IHS very easy and as beneficial to our students as possible. You will use an intuitive search engine that narrow down instructors within your price range and proximity based on zip code. This will give you a list of instructors to choose from. From there you can scan through profiles and pick the most suitable instructor for your needs.

How can I communicate with my instructor on InhomeSports?

Students and instructors can communicate via private message boards. It is very simple to access within your profile. Once the first thread has been initiated through the instructor's profile page, the conversation will then appear within the messages tab on your homepage.

What equipment do I need to take a lesson on InhomeSports?

You will need your sporting equipment and an internet connection. Other than that, the only thing required is an IOS or DROID phone/tablet. **Note** InhomeSports recommends either using a tripod designed to hold your own personal device or propping it up against a sturdy object during a lesson or training session. You can and should message your instructor asking them their thoughts on what you will need for every individual session.

Is it possible to cancel/reschedule a lesson?

In order to cancel or reschedule a lesson, first navigate to your homepage and find the "scheduled sessions" tab. From here, you can view, cancel, or modify any upcoming sessions. **Note** InhomeSports asks that instructors cancel or reschedule no later than 24 hours' notice prior to the lesson.

How do I prepare for my first lesson?

Preparation is simple. Make sure you are in an uninterrupted environment that has a consistent internet connection. Other than that, InhomeSports provides the benefit of reviewing student videos that can be linked via the student's profile.

How do I get paid for a lesson?

Payment will be received directly upon a session's completion, via your PayPal account.

How does an instructor benefit from InhomeSports?

Instructors will benefit in many ways- for example, having the ability to continue teaching/coaching during the off-season, staying in touch with students who are traveling or going away to school, having the ability and comfort to teach in any environment and/or situation, regardless of inclement weather, traveling, etc.

What qualifications do I need to be a instructor on InhomeSports

InhomeSports requires all instructors and/or trainers to be professionally certified in their respective field. In order to verify active standing credentials and complete the registration process, InhomeSports asks for certification and/or other essential information.

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